Ruth Anderson

Anderson Family

I have been bringing my mom to the Ruby Pardue Day Care Center for a year now. She can be a very demanding person, but the staff and volunteers have worked so well with her, her attitude has really changed. She has lots of friends there, and every morning she does not want to be late.

I can’t name everyone at the center, but they are all a God send. I can’t thank them enough for the work they all do, and for the change in my mom. They have all been a blessing to my mom, my dad, and me.

Thank you all,

Frances Cleary - Daughter of Ruth Anderson

Kouzan Family

Kouzan Family

August 27, 2016

My husband, Bill, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in June 2013 at the age of 61. At that time, we lived in the Capital District Region of New York State, but had been planning for years to retire to Wilkesboro. We decided to go ahead with our plans to build on our lakefront lot. With mixed feelings that we were making the right decision, construction commenced in August 2014.

We moved into our new home in late April 2014 and were very relieved and pleased to find excellent medical resources in Wilkesboro and at Wake-Forest Baptist in Winston-Salem. However, Bill's symptoms continued to slowly progress, and he was re-diagnosed with a crossover of Alzheimer's and Frontotemporal Disease. Bill was no longer able to pursue his favorite hobbies of golf and lawn care due to challenges focusing and increasing difficulties following directions to complete motor activities. As a result, he spent a good part of the day in front of the television. I was not comfortable leaving him home alone to run errands as he might decide go to for a walk or to go swimming leaving the house and refrigerator wide open while  I  was away despite promises to stay in the house.

I had heard good things about the Ruby Pardue Blackburn Day Care Center and decided to take Bill for a trial visit in May 2016. He loved it from the start!! He is now attending 2-3 days a week and always looks forward to attending his "program". He has a couple of special friends, and especially likes the exercise sessions, walking around the garden, and, of course, the meals!! I get a daily report about the lunch and snack menus. The staff is warm and welcoming; he is always greeted by name with friendly faces. When I pick him up in the afternoon, he is always happy and very talkative.

Being able to take Bill to day care has given me some much needed alone time to take care of my appointments,  do  chores,  to  work outside, or to just  knit or read a  book without worrying.  With me taking care of all the household chores, I am not always able to give Bill the social stimulation he needs. He is now receiving that component while participating in group activities with his peers in an accepting environment. His program has been of  great benefit to  both of us and we are very grateful that it exists. If we could swing it, Bill would be very happy to attend all 5 days of the week!!

Thank you!!

Marion Kouzan

joyce hash family

Hash Family

August 28, 2016

To Whom It May Concern

The Ruby P Blackburn Adult Day Care is a valuable organization to Wilkes County. I am so very thankful for their services. My relationship with the Center began a year ago when I realized it was no longer a safe  situation for my mother  with Alzheimer's to remain unattended during the day while  I worked.

Words literally cannot describe how I feel about this Day Care Center.

Not only is the Center a benefit for myself, utilizing it for respite for the on-going care of my mother, but also, my mother has made friends, participates in the activities which I know keeps her mind active, and she so enjoys the Bible studies and music offered weekly. Every evening when I pick mom up I will ask how her day went and she always answers it was good, and they fed us a good meal too. Some of the activities include crafts, of which I value greatly. These are treasures I will have to keep of what my mother had made.

During this past year, I have grown to know the staff of the Day Care Center and see firsthand how they are not only knowledgeable in the care of those entrusted to their care, but, this staff treats each individual in my opinion as their own family member. I see such care, love and relationship building every time I walk into the Center. The staff of the Center have been beneficial to me when I struggle with a new issues of the Alzheimer's disease and give me insight or even information to access to know how to approach the new stages as mom's disease progresses.

My mother and I are blessed every day we have the opportunity to utilize the Day Care Center.


Vickie J Hash