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Do Something. For You. For Them.

Are Adult Day Services right for you and your loved one? Well, there are questions each of us has to ask to determine that. Adult Day Service is NOT a place to leave your loved one, where they will be "ignored all day" until you return. It IS a place where your loved one will be loved and cared for until you can pick them up or have them picked up. We will get to those questions in a second...


 With a full-time nurse on staff, and caring trained personnel on duty, your loved one will have care, support, comfort, socialization, physical activities, receive medications as needed, receive nutritious meals and snacks and receive assistance as needed with toileting, incontinent care, walking, bathing, and eating.

What you receive is the peace of mind, knowing your loved one is safe in a caring environment, so that you can return to work, or run errands or maybe just have a day off from the stressful duties of being a caregiver. You choose the days and hours that you would like your loved one to attend. We are open from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm. But is it right for you and your loved one? Well, back to those questions...

Are you increasingly worried about the health and safety of an elderly loved one who:

1) Needs regular health check-ups and cannot take prescribed medications without supervision?

2) Can no longer be alone at home safely (e.g., wanders)?

3) Requires assistance with personal care, such as eating, bathing or dressing?

4) Is more and more confused or forgetful?

5) Has Alzheimer's disease or memory loss?

6) Is becoming increasingly dependent on your time and energy?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, your loved one will benefit from quality care in the safe, supportive environment of our center.

Are you increasingly worried about the isolation or inactivity of a family member who:

1) Has lost interest in hobbies or trying something new?

2) Does not socialize or stay in touch with friends"

3) Needs something to do with his or her time?

4) Isn't eating well unless you plan for or prepare meals?

5) Is alone a lot and doesn't get out of the house much?

6) Is losing physical strength, in part due to lack of exercise?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, your family member can meet new friends and make every day full of life at our center.

Are you providing care for - or worrying about - an elderly or disabled family member? If so:

1) Are you neglecting your own health?

2) Do you have outstanding errands on your "to do list"?

3) Are you working or want to find a job?

4) Do you feel overwhelmed, or like you're falling behind?

5) Have you cut back on your own personal interests?

6) Do you keep postponing your visits with friends and family or the class you have been thinking about?

7) Would rest from full-time care help you to be an even better caregiver?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, our center can share the caring so that you can be at your best.

  • See friendships grow through carefully structured activities that promote a sense of belonging
  • Learn how physical wellness is improved with a daily exercise program designed to enhance mobility and independence.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family member receives increased personal safety with supervision in a protective environment.
  • Meet our dedicated, professional staff who make personal care a top priority.
  • Continue to work or go back to work again.
  • Rest and relax to help maintain your own health and strength, which your loved one depends on.
  • Revitalize yourself so that your loved one continues to benefit from the care that only you can provide.
  • Feel caught-up again, less frustrated. You can take care of other business, household chores, or complete errands on your "to do list".
  • Visit at your convenience to see our facility and our program in action

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